Friday, March 27, 2009


Great day...good weather,the sun shines~ It suppose to be just another day...but finally had a chance to collect my SPM cert with the courtesy of my highschool good friend. Was lucky,it was his last sem break that day. Woot! Haven't seen him for such a long time,it's so hard when someone is so VIP you know...the last time I saw him was in LRT station ,3rd Nov last year. He had losed so much weight,no more the Chubby guy .*he used to have baby cheeks in highschool*.The only thing he still has ,was his sense of humour which never failed to make me laugh*he used to drop by our class and make havoc!haha~juz kiddin*[wink wink]I know why...haha~shh~~

And so, we went to school...nothing much change, really...still the same building, a little renovation here and there, and a lot of unfamiliar faces.Imagine...we used to study here!Our alma mater!Took the cert ..duh! doesn't hurt that much anymore.Went hunting for my brother to tell him he won't have to sit the bus that day...he must be so happy^^.On the way leaving, he exclaimed,"Where is the big tree?",there used to be a big tree opposite our front gate of the school,for whatever reason,they cut it down students won't have the urge to take their time off by puffing their cigarettes there,I guessed.

Decided to go for lunch,manage to kacau Racheal at her home beforehand.LOLx~So...if I'm not mistaken,I remembered that this good friend of mine pantang whenever he sees anyone talks while eating. Well ...just to annoy him,I did just that...haha~He didn't say anything! In fact, we just kept chatting...oops!Bad habit~ He insisted on paying for the lunch that day,since he is working...and at the same time being a gentleman...*wao,isn't it hard being a guy sometimes?*I don't know about that!

I really feel bad,coz he caught me looking at my watch a dozen times while eating.Hmm~He just told me to relax...teasing me about being a Cinderella *when midnight strikes thingy?*Just wanted him to know that I'm sorry for being such .."ergh"!and I'm glad meeting him after so long,he still that happy-go-lucky guy!

Okay,let's call it a day.Gotta catch up on my PF.Having coursework next Monday!Haven't understand a damn thing! Again~thanks Teik Ghee for a great day^^

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