Thursday, March 26, 2009

Turn off the lights!! [28th March 2009]

Only we can save our earth!

Aiks..feeling so lazy to blog...but I have something to say...about Earth Hour?
Yea...I'm suppose to feel guilty here..honestly,I'm not really into this earth thingy...No~Don't get me wrong...I might not be joining any activity that relates to "earth conserving" but...I don't leave my room without turning off the lights...,I don't leave the tap water on while brushing my teeth,*but I take time to wash my hair* LOL~

Oh so...actually,honestly...I have already decided to turn off my lights... on 28th of March in conjuction of the Earth Hour.I was so..urm how to describe?So..."semangat"if that what you decide to call,again..I think I would feel guilty again...brr~Okay,how am I to explain this...Imagine turning off the lights and tell your grandpa and granma that the power station have cut off the electricity.Imagine sitting in the dark with them and expecting them to do nothing,their shining eyeballs looking back at you in the dark,and scaring the hell out of ourselves..OMG!I would do just that ,*turning off everything, including my hp*if I were to stay here..but, the thing is..I'm leaving for my wateva u call it..not "celebrate"haha but...*i'm trying to find the right term for this,and still trying*[stop laughing Jas,at least help me to find the right term okay?]'s damn funny by the way...oh..I'm going back hometown to ______ "cheng meng"..[pls,help me fill in the blanks with the right term]

Okay,maybe I should just stop finding lame excuses...If I were to turn off the lights,tell me...give me some ideas on what to do...what I should do.Not getting to surf the net in kampung is bad enough...and then this 1 hour...I can't read my Eclipse!!Okay,maybe I have mistaken 1 hour is equals to 60 minutes equals to 3600 seconds for 1 day!Well,it's just 1 hour!
It's not that hard after all ryte?But about granpa and granma?!Okay,they probably think that we ,young people got nothing better to do...nevermind..whatever it my hp,rest my ears from my MP4,turn off the idiot boxand the"Bell can't be reach from 8.30pm till 9.30pm on 28th March!"and I'll be back to write about what exactly I did..during that 1 hour!A romantic candlelight dinner maybe?with granpa granma,perhaps?haha~unpredictably crazy!!See Earth Hour! It's the least we can do to save our EARTH!!!MOTHER NATURE!!!

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  1. Yeah man!!! Let's do something for Earth. I'm sure one hour isnt that hard, anyway there are plenty of daily rountines we can do to save the Earth :)