Thursday, March 19, 2009


Title: L.O.S.T~

Lost myself today,
Trying to run away,
From confusions to illusions.

Went out through a door,
To feel better,
Didn't expect it to become so unfamiliar.

Alone,I was...
Trying to find the answer,
But I can't think any further,
I was almost a loser.

Standing there still,
Not sure if I should follow the crowd,
To get out,
Or take my own path.

But this insecurity,
Made me cringe,
Wonder if I would only run around in circles,
And end up in tears.

Maybe I was lucky,
To have found my way...
Looking at their faces,
This fears went away...

But I am still afraid,
What if I lost myself again?
What if I'll never find my way,
Like today?

~ 5.03pm~

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