Monday, March 16, 2009

A blessing or a curse?

Lucky No.7~

Red HOT!UNdeniable~
What did I tell doesn't matter,wateva colour it's adrenaline -rushing

Dark Lady?

Wa!!~Woke up to find PF tutorial cancelled again...izzit a blessing or a curse?
U tell me...Then got so bored ..decided to check out some hot machines...*thanks to Gan* he just perked me up at the right time...LOLx...

Let me tell u a confession of mine....I am actually really envious of Cristiano Ronaldo,the number 7 striker of Man Utd!!Yes..I AM ENVIOUS~Don't get me wrong..I'm not jealous of him coz he got to play football...or having a bunch of HOT chicks running to him anytime he want.I just feel that he is so lucky...even at a young age.It's just so ..UNBELIEVABLE!!!Oh yes!I am ENVIOUS!!How am I not to? All he said when he crashed his 1.6mil Ferrari recently was,"I'm thankful to God that I'm okay."Wao! If I were to meet him..I'm gonna have to ask him if his Ferrari was okay~Do u think his heart even wrecked a bit like his Ferrari?If I was to own one..I'll probably bash my head on the wall for making even the tiniest stratch on it.I know ..I won't have the chance ...*sobs*This guy would probably just get the car for a repair..and TADAH!,he is ready to crash it again...Even if he decides to ditch the hot thing,he had a fleet of it doesn't matter ...*btw, he had a Rolls Royce Phantom*ERGH!!! As much as I hated him,I loved him too...being labelled as spoilt..with well... good looks*although he don't look good all the time*,I am impressed...won the EPL and European Champions...42 goals!! deserve it don't you?Ferguson is impressed too,isn't he?Thats why,Cristiano is the best No. 7!*although recently,Liverpool played a different tactic and won 4-1 against them*

Right,enough about Ferraris...I don't quite fancy them anyway,*consoling myself* I preferred FairladyZ...I am uploading some nice pics here to make up for some of the past "emo" posts..."gOmeNasAi~"I hoped I didn't bored u guys out...Come on..admit it! FairladyZs are irresistable right?! To be honest,I don't know much about these machines..but they just got my adrenaline rushing everytime they drift by~Whose fault is that?!Check out these curves, and the RIMS*I mean the car* ,tell me do u feel exactly what I felt?Okay..Imagine if u were a Man Utd fan and I tell you,you got to meet Cristiano in do you feel? A Yeah! feeling!!Thats right!That's what I felt!

So,the this a blessing or a curse?Having to wake up and discovered that tutorials was cancelled?I don't know..and Jas...yes,I remembered the plan we had...guess we had to make it to another day...perhaps it was never meant to be~~*sobs again*

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