Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3rd Semester!!

9.03am, going to OHR tutorial later...nothing to do and wanted some time here...Wee!! Can't deny,feeling rather excited in this new semester,had no idea why.Maybe I miss my friends so much,or maybe I was so so bored at home doing routine for one whole month! I'm not so sure..maybe both..yea...let it be both..and can I say...I miss studying too?Haha..I know I definitely take back my words in 2 weeks time.Yesterday was my 1st day for 3rd sem...So delighted to finally go out and feel the sun again,so excited to feel the the warm feeling being surrounded my my best mates,and of course some who greeted like they have really miss u!!Haha~Yea, I miss them too!

Morning tutorial was cancelled,so my 1st lecture was OHR.Our lecturer was a man,well at least I saw the enthuasism in him teaching us..although my girlfriends and I didn't really pay much attention to him ...Don't blame us, we were 1 month away from each other!There were definitely so much to talk about and I wish he wouldn't mind...he don't seem to...and anyway there weren't any lecture notes to look at...or even keep us busy with highlighting lines of words!

The other things I noticed were that everyone was in their best...moods were great,great outfits...happy chatters...their eyes were brightly lit and owh ~looking at their happy faces..I felt like smiling too..hmm~except for one..I don't know why and what was bothering him..he seem so tense..he only manages an unwilling smile and continued with his tense look on his face...but i wish him happiness...although I can't help...hope he'll feel better,no matter what is bothering him.=]

And oh...one my my friends decided to switch college and go the Melaka...so ..no matter what she do..I wish her all the best of luck..and yea..we'll miss her and hope she'll miss us too...Well,I think I better get going..it's my 1st OHR tutorial at ten and I'm a little curious to see our tutor for the 1st time...hehe....Buhbye~~~

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