Sunday, March 22, 2009

Like any other day~

7.52am , to be exact...again I amazed myself.The fact that I don't find trouble dozing off the night before even thought I woke up at about 11am yesterday,and went back for a nap at 2.30pm and woke up to say bye bye to the sun, it was already 7.30pm!Duh,maybe he was right after all,"izit the time of the month?"haha~oh...that explains it all...It drained my energy too...

Feeling so guilty now,for not completing tutorials...laziness is haunting me again!
Can't believe this..My eyes ...feel like going back to sleep again~*yawns*Okay,until now,I didn't receive any message telling me that PF is I guess our plan is goin on~~*cheers*mm~~fries at last!*only those who is involved knows what I'm talking about*

Okay~there he is again...I think I can't expect to be alone even at this early hour...*when my eyes are still struggling to open*alright maybe it's the lullaby playing on my friendster profile...can't remember how many dozen times I replayed's so beautiful...very ,very,beautiful...drowning me again and again,and I like the way it drowns me and I feel it the point I felt like I'm in heaven ~*maybe it's just me* It's one of the theme song in Twilight,yes,the vampire movie.It's called Bella's Lullaby ,in actual fact, the title of this song is called "River Flows In You"by Yiruma.It is piano played and that made it more beautiful...
I wanted this song so badly...I want to listen to it every night~*ZiWei~u got that song for me already?*[ I bugged her to get me this song,btw thanks ^^]

I better get going now,having PF tutorial at 10...wait let me check to see if there is 1 miss call or 1 message...haha~I'm LATE!!

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