Saturday, March 14, 2009

Still breathing~

The "helper" at Career Fair.

Bell and the gang!Gurl Power!

1,2,3,4,,wer is another 1?

Seriously...I like this... say CHEEEESE~~~
Jas n I cam-whoring in LRT..=]

I did this...

Jasmine's tag~

Have I been abandoning this space?Jas..ok.I do you a favour by updating it.2nd week,I rated it as 50/50.Lets start with Tuesday..what really happenned?Urm..nothing,tutorials as usual,cracking very lame jokes, and enduring the rain.Wednesday...a lame one...the fact that I used hours to get ready for 2 hours of lecture that day..haha.Thursday...thanks to Jas, I had a chance to glimpse the Career Fair that was held that day...nice day.We became helpers for a minimum of 4 hours , and we did stroll the booths blindly.I think we are definitely not ready yet to start any career anytime soon.We are still infants and actually we just wanted to look around other than collecting various kinds of pens. *I like the pink highlighter*.There are nothing much to do,and what I did was...making new friends.They were a bunch of down-to-earth people and no doubt ,that's what I call modest ,brilliant people.Just to recite-Xue Yi,Kah Yin,Wendy and a few others...*did I even spelled their names correctly?*The day was fine espeacially when our OHR tutor complimented our class for being an "oustanding " group.Wee~that is definitely an "intrinsic" award we seek.We are "Theory-Y" people, you see...

Then came Friday,it started to rain at 6.45am, the second I woke up. I had to go for a replacement class that day.ERgh!I wanted to go back to sleep ,convincing myself that there is no big deal skipping 1 class.To be honest...I don't fancy Principle of Finance and I hate to admit that I am actually very useless in maths. I don't like numbers!!!And so the rain continued like there is no tomorrow,got heavier and heavier.I pray silently, that it will soon stop and let the sun shine for my sake.I can't stand it,the drowns me. It's was 9.15am and still pouring...I decided to just go to college anyway considering the fact that my girlfrens and I had made a deal to wear that Accounting T-shirt that day.Caught a bus,luckily I had my MP4 with me...blasted music in my ears and shut my eyes pretending that I did not hear the rain although I'm obviously wet.Can't possibly the heavy rain and was glad that I took a cab instead from the station to college coz I almost lose my sandals halfway walking a few times...all because of the rain.If I were to wear my sneakers,it will definitely collect rain water*squeshy~a not very pleasant feeling*Imagine squeezing out water from my socks!Glad did not wear shoes...
Ah...PF tutorial,tried my best to do some of the question the night before, and I can't do the budget thing!Felt rather helpless...and answered a silly I was being silly.The tutor asked if anyone preferred financial companies to commercial banks when making a loan.I did,and she asked me why..and I said because interest rate is higher!For goodness sake...I wanted so badly to find ways to invest that I misunderstand that I am the one who is playing a role of that particular "financial company"!LOL..yeah...if I were to make a loan ..DANG! I'll be bankcrupt in no time~What was I thinking? I suspected a litre of rain water have made a mess in my brain..electrified ,maybe? What do u think?*GAspS!*

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