Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Senses of sorrow~

Write for fun..inspired by nothing~

Title: Senses of Sorrow~ [S.O.S]

Can you hear it?
It's screaming again...
Banging against this wall,
That is threatening to crumble and fall.

Can you feel?
The throbbing pain,
As it stabs from the inside,
Threaten to creep out,
For the whole world to see,
Everything that is hidden behind these sheets.

Don't wake me,
Even when the time is up,
Let me succumb to this fantasy,
This dream that never be a reality,
Can't you see?
I am happy here,
Isn't that what your wishes were?

I saw the pain in your eyes,
When I can't open mine,
Didn't want to realise,
This dream will always be the same,
And I will remain imperfect as I was.
Messed up like always~

So let me continue my dream...
Will you?
It's my heaven for now,
My peace I found,
No matter what the price I have to pay,
I have to stay...
Until one fine day,
When I finally find my way...
And, I hope that you will be there,
To tell me that I am awake,
To help me walk again.

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