Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Bro!!

Happy 16th Birhtday Bro!!

Obviously,this is specially for the birthday boy =X mm~~

The birthday boy~

Red eggs is a must!'s every year's affair...Birthdays ,anniversaries...what can I say...happy 16th birthday bro^^Actually,25th Feb is the actual date of his birthday but since he is so VIP on wednesday,we decided to celebrate it one day earlier ,that was yesterday.We went out for dinner as usual...came back and had a cut cake ceremony formal la...
Ah,talking about presents...I'm feeling a little guilty,I have not bought him anything yet...
Guys!!What on earth can I buy for them?Headache lo!!Nevermind ...give him ang pao lo..but ang pao?I'm not married yet!Forget about it!I have 1 more weekend..I'll definitely get him something..a 4GB pendrive or at least "something"...I love shopping,it wouldn't be so hard right?Come on guys...give me some ideas please?

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