Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Loving Vampires.

Stephenie Meyer...You are famous because of me,hehe.

This is gonna look very good on my wall.

Twilight is a vampire movie which revolves around a girl,Bella and a hot vampire guy ,Edward Cullen.Edward find himself falling in love with a human girl,Bella.One day,Edward saved Bella's life and they begin to spend a lot of time together even at first,friends in school were rather afraid of Edward and some of them knew the reason behind it but choose to just stay away from him.Of course,as time passes,Bella begun to suspect something and tried to get some information and come to a point that she confronted him...and found out who he was,a Vampire.Her life is constantly at risk especially being around bloodsuckers.To make matter worst,there is another group of vampires who hunt human and found Bella's blood to be irresistable.The persistent vampire who is determined to hunt Bella,-James keeps on tracking Bella and finally traps her.Edward came in time to rescue her,and is responsible for saving Bella from becoming one of them by sucking the venom out of her.

What i write here is a very short summary of Twilight.Actually,when I first read it in newspapers,I told myself that I wanna get my hands on these books by Stephanie Meyer.There are actually 4 of them the first-Twilight which was released in cinemas last year,the 2nd book which I am finishing-New Moon,third-Eclipse and the last book-Breaking Dawn.Honestly,the book is so much better than the movie.By reading the book,although it's so much at slow pace..but i can imagine the characters like in reality.The movie,yeah can't deny,Edward is urm...irresistable,and Bella is pretty,but,the story is too simple I think...and like most of my friends said,the movie will be better if there is more tomato sauce...yea~BLOOD.Generally,the movie is too tame ...

But I am still looking forward for New Moon in action!!If I'm not mistaken,it will be released this November..ooh...so long~~~But I miss Edward so much already...aish..nevermind there are still books to finish...I'll survive..besides he visits me in my room every night.Haha~can't stop dreaming of the impossible...argh!!..bro is back ...gotta get lunch ready for him...chao~^^

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