Friday, February 20, 2009

So...SO BIG!

Guess what I saw while I was hanging out some clothes this morning?!It was so big...and it is the biggest I saw my entire life!A rat!We caught a very very big one.OhMyGod~rats around here are breeding really well these days and I had no idea what they feed on that makes them larger than usual size.In time to come,I will no more be surprised if it becomes the size of a cat!No wonder now,cats are trying to stay away from rats...What happen?I remember one day when I saw a rat quietly sneaking by the bushes one step at a time,and the cat was sitting right under the car...I tot "yea !let me see some show!"Know what?The cat just yawn away...staring at the rat without even moving an inch...Duh!These cats are good for nothing than only visit our house to pee in our plants!No wonder these rats are left to grow even bigger!It's the size of a kitten of 2 weeks...!These rodents are not scared of human anymore...they stare and streak at you if u got too close..omg!People...becareful...u never know when they will jump on you and suck your blood much of vampires stories.But you know...anything can change.Myb neighbour came to look and was speechless when she saw it...she was also definitely amazed that I had the courage to take the cage out.LOL...I actually didn't realise it...even though I stood just an inch away from the cage while I was hanging out the clothes...I didn't bother to look...but when I turn around I was like...did I just catch a squirrel?When I tried to take a look at stared at me back..and I think it was thinking-"What the hell are you staring at?Let me go or I'll suck your blood!"I just blink at it and brought it out.I think it weights about 1.5kg or so...I don't know...eww..rats!

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