Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Freaking Worried la!!

Hurm...logged on to college website a few days ago..didn't expect anything ..but then...
The thing that bothers us for 1 whole month finally came to hunt us!Uwawa!!I don't want!!
It's written there...results date...wat!? Want me to die so soon?On 7th ar!!Stab me pluehzzz!!

Ok la....it's now or never...have to face it also...shit!On Saturday wor...damn!Since I know the date...I think I will have a good deal of nightmares..till it's finally over...Let's just stop talking about this results thingy ok..It's really freaking me out and I'm sweating =="

Saw the 3rd sem timetable...4 days a week..free on Friday..usual la...Friday..I'll be busy doing house chores...I'm actually glad there is no 8am classes!I hate ..so early !!Go there early oso..blur blur one...information won't masuk lo....but then again...no early classes means I have to wake early also wat...and I hate walking to college!!
Not really walking la...but imagine walking 100m to the bus stop,wait under the rain..if lucky..super hot sun,then wait for 45 minutes that seem like forever,to the LRT station and take the train to Melati station,and walk 100m again on this "notforhumanroad" and finally...reach the back door like you have just came out from the swimming pool..and find your class in that "youcansqueezesaltwaterout" shirt.OMG!How I wish I had a FairladyZ...drift into the college ,find a nice parking and no fuss,right?Okay...I should just stop dreaming..it's not even night yet!

Okay..another thing...I am actually expect 3rd semester to be better...First,because i am seriously bored holidaying for 1 whole month!2nd,this sem is only 7 weeks,and of course...I know everyone in my class *I think so* would feel like celebrating...*ehem* if u guys know what ,why and who to refer to~~U KNOW WHO~~okay..i didn't say anything...lastly...yes.,I have some friends asking me if I did miss them..ergh...I hate this~People paiseh okay...why? and why?...want me to say??!!YES!!I MISS U GUYS SO SO BADLY!!Happy?LOL~*blush*

Other than this 3rd Sem fever,...just now...while I was about to prepare lunch...I heard shouting and screaming outside...I just feel like yer..."why these people shouting like mad?"
I tot one of my neighbour,they have, if not mistaken 5 young hyperactive teenagers boys who always shouting and making the street like a shouting spree with their activities... so..I don't give much thought lo..but then the shouting continued..so..LOUD....and...unusual..and I went out to "kepoh" la...

One of the boys came and ask me.."ada orang kat sebelah?"I just look at him..and said.."entahlah.."Then I told my mum about it..she went out, and I got to know that my neighbour's car which was parked outside at the corner was just broken into ,the stereo was stolen...a high quality one la sure...OMG..Can believe?That was all the shouting about?!
The shocking part was...another neighbour saw everything,and one of the teenage guy saw this 2 person who was smashing the car's side window and started shouting at them to catch other neighbours attention!But...guess what?These rascals got the cheek to perform cooly...and even hold up one hand to tell them to wait!!OMG!!What are they made off?Damn!What happen to society?And..the bad news is..they got away with the stereo set..ERGH!!I feel like...KICKING them in their A**!!They are those culprit making our lives miserable!Why can't they just find a decent job and...become a good citizen?Why?!!Three words-GOD BLESS THEM!!

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