Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Waking up to see the sun beaming against ur face was ..well very welcoming..especially,during these !"Don't blame the weather Bell.."I mumbled to myself..The weather is perfectly fine...great sun...long enough to dry up..well... all these clothes.But somehow, I don't feel's because there are so many things that I wanna do which I possible can't,at least for now..Duh,i am glad I won't stay 18 forever.No I don't mean I wanna do drugs or stuffs like that after 18...wipe it out!It's just I wish for more freedom to make my own decision,to do things I want!!!Its my life,I want my that too much to ask?Maybe I should just go with the flow...and wait till these chains break...hopefully before I finally suffocates myself.Its okay...i am going to be day...I will find my way out.

Cut the crap...I manage to spend the morning gracefully enough...and finally had something to blog about today.Mom gonna freak out if she knows*she doesn't allow me to touch her kitchen*except for washing up!!...but Hello!! am I going to learn if I don't take risks?But...don't try this at home,if you don't have faith~take risks which are only worth taking.No...I don't mean to frighten u guys,Its not really life -threatening,but do this in someone else kitchen if possible~!haha...because it will stir up a mess..if you a newbie like me.Actually I found some recipes in the papers..I was really bored for a few days and when I read this recipe,I thought why not?Give it a try,even if it doesn't work out,I'll make sis and bro finish it...*evil laughs*

What really worries me is..finding the ingredients...flour -check,an egg-check,honey-check,fresh milk-check...but here it says self-raising flour...I only have corn flour...does it make any difference?I don't know...At least if it doesn't raise by itself*as it stated,SELF-RAISING,then I'm gonna raise it myself!!Whats the big deal anyway?Reading through the instructions, is not tough,sift the flour ,sugar,a pinch of salt...put in an egg,pour in milk with honey...whisk....whisk..say a prayer...tadah!...laid it to the refrigerator for 10 minutes or so...Oh,the sausages ofcoz...heat it...tick tock..tick ..tock.10 minutes done.I think the bater had rest enough...,heat the tablespoon of bater...'pshh'~the bater cried..spread evenly thin layer...till golden brown.OUCH!!Thats not the bater,it's me.I burned my finger...duih...put the sausage on the bater when it starts to golden*it doesn't turn golden oso?*...roll it up an d serve..."aiya,no need so nice la"...i am the one who is going to eat them...

So?It wasn't love at first bite....wahahaha...I laughed at myself.It tastes more like Chapati...yer...the bater...I think too much chapati...haha.I pour in more milk....and try the same steps again....this time the bater is better.The piece of flour starts to turn golden beautifully..and crisp so handsomely~It tastes fine for me...I don't know what my sis n bro will say...I hope it is least it will keep their mouth shut!Shh~~I wonder who will dare to try what I made....and ...I hope you won't have to run to the toilet!;)

I wish I could put up a pose of my finger food,but I don't have the camera with me now...ergh!
Maybe next time if possible,when I'm prepared to mess up this kitchen again...."I'll be back~~~"

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