Thursday, April 2, 2009

P.S: I want to quit smoking ...but...

still puffing away~ many times I said this to myself...that I want to do this...quit...QuiT!!! But...somebody help me please!! I can't! Bell ,QUIT!!QUIT SMOKING!!

Okay~I can imagine your jaws dropping to the floor now.Let me make it clear ..but first...mind closing the gap of your jaws?Thank you=]

Today...took the LRT to terminal and waited for the bus.Glad,wee~there was the sun,there is not many people...I was alone...scared but fine~Then came 2 guys,probably around my age,sat next to me,throwing glances as they settled down.I just continued to engross in the beautiful tune of YUI-Blue Wind.And then...this 2 guys started to smoking...ERGH!!! It happens everytime ! I can't sit and wait for the bus peacefully..I can't stand it..the smell of makes me want more! I'm ADDICTED!!! I'm tempted!

OH no!..I'm just kidding*compensation on missed April Fool's Day^^*I can't stand suffocates me..I get angry,annoyed to be precise. I decided to sit further away...Then,just 5 seconds passed,came a middle-age man,sat in front of me and started puffing away...ARRRRGGGGH!!!TAK TAHAN LAH!!!!...Turn old man was doing the same...turn right, taxi drivers did the same..LOL,as if I were the only one a non-smoker there!

Then I decided to find a place further away...good. I was separated from these puffers by the soft drink dispenser there...great...and continued listening to my MP4...See why I can't quit,everywhere I go...they were there..puffing away..and puffing out dirty air from their lungs right into our dear fragile lungs!For goodness sake,I totally hate it when I am forced to breath their stinking breath when I was having my meals..DAMN!Polluting the air! I am forced to become a secondary smoker!YIKES!!!YUCKS!!If they just smoke lesser,i believe the air pollution wouldn't be so bad right?To make matters worse,while chatting with a friend just a moment ago,he confessed that he started puffing too! I wonder if he would just quit it before it's too late...

Alright,I can't tell them not to smoke if they want to continue burning their money,blackening their lungs~Okay...since I didn't blog a few days ago,I still remember what I suppose to report to you guys what exactly I did on Earth Hour..yea,that 1 hour.I went back hometown,and I can't tell my grandparents to turn off the lights,so when it was 8.30pm,I was suppose to go to bath..but...remembering the Earth Hour,I decided not to bath first, and convinced my parents that we should go out for dinner instead...So,lights were off...we went for dinner...turned off my handphone for 1 hour.Haha..that was what I did..anyway,my father joked that we did our part by switching off the lights in our home*since we were away*LOL~did that even count?no idea!!

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