Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Awesome Nineteen!

Woot!6 April 2009!Best Burpday ever!Thanking all my besties and everyone who made this so memorable! Did not expect them to do this,but YES ofcz...was touched to tears...*erm ,tissues pls...*Really,....appreciate this a lot!

Wow! They were good at this.A surprise B'day!!Definitely a great and unforgetable 1one! Wanna thank everyone that day for making my birthday a memorable one!What can I say?I'm was speechless and happy^^

My girlfrens n me...n the prezzies^^

Siow Jun,the 'Yeng' one...

Jia Yit,the Q and lovely one...

Julia...the...childish one...


Zi Wei,the Q n Q n Q one!!hehe;]


Arigatou my besties who bought a Kawaii shirt for me...and yes it was too kawaii...sked it doesn't look good on me,haha..but decide to try on something different sometimes..TQ!!!Thanks again to Rachel n the gang,Winnie,Lee Teng and Vivian,for Edward..haha,I mean the DVD and of course the big poster*now ,Edward visits me in my bedroom every night now~^^*And Michael and Wei Jian,the red hair,thanks for the's all about Edward LOL~Appreciate it a lots....and of cz the Secret Recipe rasberry cheesecake*gonna upload the pic soon...*and..and...everyone with their thoughtful wishes!*sobs*oh..and the KFC !!thanks for allowing us to mess up the place...and most family^^Love u guys lotz!!Mwaks!!Not good at expressing myself here~*blush*
Oh...gotta get going...I'm late again!Gonna leave this blog alone for least after catching up on some study on OHR and PF!Burpdays start moving~cz exams haunting !!All the best to everyone who is facing the coming exams!GamBateh!!^^

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