Thursday, June 25, 2009


A sudden wave of sadness hit me when I heard the news on the national radio early this morning,Michael Jackson had passed on...Yes,no mistake ,unless this is a joke,*I hope*our one and only 'KING OF POP' has passed away on 25th of June 2009.Remembering back ,he was our idol,possibly everyones's idol...even from our parents' generation,he is a legendary in this big wide world ...ask anyone,anyone at all...that have been a normal person since he or she was born in to this world,they should ,sure know MJ...
I can't help it,I remembered ,we learn to appreciate his songs...or even his 'moonwalk' when we watch his videos.I even remembered , when I did spent the holidays in my cousin'd place,he used to play MJ's video, and even replayed one part of the video ,*i don't remember which one exactly* but it was the scene where MJ jump on a car and zipped up his zipper.Why,it is not funny now?Most important of all,it grew up with us,it is so hard to accept this news.I know the rest of the world would hit by this shocking news later in the afternoon,or night~
I regretted having to hear various news on this Pop King during his not so good stage of life.He had a sad childhood and then he grew famous,and even got into several court cases regarding child molestation.I bet all of this are a mere bad intentions of some uncivilised parties who are dying to earn fast bucks.I felt sorry for him.Watch him grew and ,gone.It's a great loss indeed.
Whatever it is,MJ will our little hearts.Lets say a little prayer for him.Rest In Peace,MJ~

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