Monday, July 27, 2009


Eww~webs here and there...It's like I just woke up from a grave..LOL no..a dream that took a million years.
First and foremost, sorry for not abandoning my blog for almost ..I don't know how long...1 month?..not sure...and thank you for my loyal supporter who mind visiting this full of webs site even I did not update..especially..u know who you are la..haha~*lollipop-ing*

Haish...almost 1 month, been busy like crazy.Tensions built-up on the way..but..but..seriously, I enjoyed it..yeah~ It's almost crazy with ongoing deadlines lurking, tests which seem so innocent but kill us silently contributing a good 40% to the final examination. here and there help us to survive. After a few weeks of working and doodling in front of my idiot pc, finally 2nd assgnment finished! English finally printed. Tests finally half gone...Hooray! I wanna shout out loud! Been working on mIS assignment, its been crazy too...
And after so many of crazy zombie weeks of repeating my ridiculous routine, I came down with a flu again. This is the first time I got sick twice in exactly 2 months. The haze is bad, and I can even taste the smelly air when I open my mouth to yawn, *YAWNS* YUCK~y...

This month had been the most buziest, but seriously, I enjoyed every moment, treasure every second and felt happier after so long. Yeah, I have been accepting the fact that people can change fortnightly...even it doesn't make any sense. I have begun to give people chances to show me the real world. It sickens me, freaking me out...but I'm coping. I have to...What an alien!

Okay...would like to thank my parents. I love travelling...if I don't start puking on the way...
I told them that I wanted to go for a trip to Melaka. I went there when I was about 7 years old, and I missed that place. Place of much history, much brought down memories. I am tottally fascinated with the BABANYONYA lifestyle although it is not much conserved this days. So, we went there for a 1 day trip. The whole trip, I was a total zombie. I was so tired, I sleep all the way there, drop by grandma's house in seremban, then slept again, had lunch, slept again...until we reach Melaka,LOL~

And, I did something I wanna do so long, I did rock -climbing...haha~ Just a mini one but satisfying enough for now. Thanks to Sam for inviting me to join on the spot ~LOL! I hesitated at first, coz I'm kinda scared I won't be able to do it. And then, Thanks to June as well, she promised to climb first, then I have to follow..haha~that was fun,really^^

Erm, oh my...time is running, Loong Ger is coming earlier later we are going to have brunch with rachel before we head for lectures LOL~ISh..feel so sleepy now, gotta drink my coffee and swallow my Vitamins...

Sorry for talking too much without any pics, I promise I did take a lot of pics lately, but had no time to upload it....Next time..a sure thing. Got to get going...until then, miss you all~

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  1. hi .. finally pop up again after diving for a long periods. haha.
    i went to Melaka once too, when I'm still small, primary time. desire to go now, wan try many nice food there a!! =]