Thursday, July 30, 2009

I need SPEED!

Pheww~ guess wat?! 30 JULY 2009, I finally had the chance to experience what is it like trying out an auto car.Damn easy! Juz that, I keep it slow coz i know the owner is sweating...hahaha~Telling me to turn the steering more ,slow down,yeah..I will try to thing is, I DRIVE AGAIN!!! I love the feeling of being behind the if i can drift LOL~kiddin...i'm seriously joking. If Loong Ger saw this,he will not let me drive his baby,parking next time?
Actually, I doubt myself...but i love,I always bug Loong ger to let me drive his baby...finally he say yes wor..I tot I joking oni ma..but drive lor..around only lar..not scared 3 other lifes wei, not sked ar?
But guess wat? Teng Fung still can play cubic cube in the car next to me..Rachel sumore say want to try, and only ah loong sat behind to instruct me.I can do it lar..happy happy today!!
Thanks guys=)

1 comment:

  1. now i get ur mean.. aaa.=,=
    call ur daddy let u drive more manual la, after u used for it, no car that u duno to drive. haha. believe me~