Monday, August 3, 2009

Best Day of the month~31 July 2009

Finally , after weeks of crazy assignmetns and deadlines,*still working on it*, I finally went out for a movie and sushis with this 3 friends.
I did't not expect to go out lar, it just came so *on the spot*. But damn a lot of procedures, noe wat i mean ,haha~

Thanks mom and dad, for suddenly agreeing on this. Perhaps they saw me pulling my hair out the other day and decided to let me had some fun ^^
And so this the thing, they were so excited, but me in fact feeling so bad . There were time constraint and all, coz Rachel and I decided not to skip lectures, Biz Law wei, where can skip?
Plus all the rushing and stuff , we ate sushis at 1U and watch The ghosts of Girlfrens Past.LOL , is that the name ? so long wan the name ,i don't bother to remember, sumore so tired like hell!~

Less hyper la, drained out of energy already ma, but,this was the best day in July. Teik Ghee was the man of the day, coz he treated us sushis and movies and even drive us back and flo. Seriously , I felt so bad, having him rush.
Wong, you look so cool , with your A-levels results coming out soon. I wish you best of luck.No, you won't fail physics. Never, you are crazily genius enough for physics!
p.s- thanks Teik Ghee for rushing me home before 9.30pm or I'll have a house arrest for the rest of my life!hahaha~*over- exaggerating*XD and best of luck for your Project Managing paper. Call me for your good news^^

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