Thursday, September 10, 2009

Exam Fever!

Heh, relax.I'm not talking bout having fever here. At least the fever is gone 2 weeks before exams. And this time around, been really busy studying * and a lot of hair pulling*. Heks..Omg! I'm so stressed now. 2 papers gone, it's 4 more papes to go. Next Monday, having MIS paper..all the computer stuffs...not my cup of tea. I have no mood to study now. So, it's time to play Restaurant City in Facebook. Actually, I been sitting here almost the whole day,I'm feeling really miserable now allowing the time pass by without revising. HEng! MIS suppose to finish earlier, but when i looked back I realised...I had deleted it from my brains completely! Next Tuesday ...have to keep my fingers crossed..Deadly papers! Biz Law in the morning, TAx in the afternoon,tell me how bad is dat? Last paper will be MAF, on the 18th of September. This is the toughest paper this sem. I hate it! Don't understand anything of it. I don't wish to fail thou.So I had only 2 days to revise an alien subject with 14 chapters. I'm so doomed!

I really can't wait to finish killing these papers and by 18th of September, I'll screamed out loud the word "merdeka"!!! It's been a tough sem...My batterry is running out! all of my dearest friends out there, good luck in your coming papers, easy to be said than done."Don't Give Up!" At least before you give up, do try your best!!
Enough of lepas geram here...its 12.57am. To make up for wasting time the whole day like a zombie...I *think* I will stay up late ...till the wee hours, *rather stay out clubbing* study of course...okay~bye for now..last words..."BEH TAHAN ARGHHHH!!!!!!" curtains down~

*don't miss me too much, be right back after exams*,cont....-*if I'm still alive*
Love, Bell~

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