Thursday, September 17, 2009


Done with dreadful papers...I went into the exam hall today, ready to fail...
Don't know what to do at the first week till the 14th week...this last paper was a total failure and yes, I hate it! However, maybe it's luck today to be able to do this alien paper!I have only 2 days to cover the 14th chapters after having Law and TAx paper on the 15th...How possible is that? Well...crazy as it seemed, I went home feeling drowsy,told myself to have a short nap. Ah~waste time, can't even shut down my will always be on standby mode..until I finish killing...*the papers*
I suppose to go out today~but ..really no mood. Gurlfriends, have fun yea~ and I hopw I'll be able to join you girls next week or I really need to recharge!haha~
So,now what am I suppose to do?Oh yea, pray hard for the resultsla!
Whatever it is, I would like to thank those kind hearted souls out there for giving me encouragement at the time I was about to give up~I went thru it, and I hope all the best for everyone. My mind is coming to a shut down, can't write

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