Thursday, October 8, 2009

1st October 2009.

I hope it's not to late to blog about this. Actually, I supposed to prepare for lecture later, but if I don't do this now, I will never will....coz...the next 13 weeks will be super duper busy week! It was already the end of last week of holidays, I felt totally hopeless having to think about things I've never got to do with my bunch of gurlfrens for the past 14 weeks or more in the last semester. So, called up a bunch of friends and woot! guess wat? I did finally had a k-session with them~^^ We had it at Greenbox,Sungei Wang..the VVIPs are...melo,rachel,vivian,winnie,siewkien,kahyi,tengfung and jayson~ enjoy the pics, judge for yourselves!

VV,Winnie,Rachel and me~

Ahha,this is what we've done before the holidays end LOL! Glad that this outing became a reality. Bt honestly,the process was tedious*thanks to Sam who ffk me* but overall was successful ^^
The room was bigger than we expected, comfortable enough for 8 of us!

Sang our heart out for 3 hours, *but not satisfied*, the food was great. I had American Western Food but did not take a picture of it. We were only charged RM13per head including food*one of the advantage of being a student*=)

The fried rice not only looked yummy,it tastes great too!
After,that it was 2pm,still wana sing..but.."kena halau" already. Maybe "someone" voice too loud, the staff even open the door for us to tell us it's time up!Haha~ Luckily we still leave the room or else, we will be dragged out of the room! No choice ler, so ealry kena halau extend time...wer to go? We then head to Gasoline in Times Squre for a yumcha session~^^

The guys,Jayson and rikisukeomg!

Rachel did looked very seductive!=X
Yumcha and chat till 4.30pm and we call it a day.
WOW! so many pictures we took...but I guessed this is all I'm uploading for now...checkout facebook for more..I did had a great time,not sure about others. Thanks all buddies!weee~~at least a time out before classses starts!
Before I sign off, gonna wish everyone happy going back to college...It's time for another battle! This 6 subjects gonna be quite tough,no choice...kill them!Mwaks!

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