Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh No! Burning out!

It's Flyday...YAhoo!But ..damn maybe it's the rain ,maybe the pressure,the stress and everything that had been bothering me lately made me sick!I'm down with a sore throat ,a mild one..and a flu.Oh no..shit!This can't be..I can't be sick now..NOT NOW!!Assignments been hunting~Okay think positive..right. I'm expecting a really sexy voice tomorrow or,I should be grateful,YEAH!Or..maybe...become tottally mute tomorrow.Thank GOD,it's Saturday tomorrow and I really need some serious sleeping. I'm having sleep-deprivation! or ...maybe excessive sleeping,I don't know !I don't care! I just need some sleep!

Aww~today got every chance I had to get the power nap while lecture,can't hold my head up!Duh,having headache.Then wake up,realised i had a mile sorethroat.Cry out loud,I should have.I kept drinking water,keep visiting the only start drink water,no use...sai hei la..went home and shower ,straight go to slumberland~and juz about to doze off,thinking too much,maybe...dreams again~Everything seem like summary of the friends talking,lectures...can't think anymore...zzzzzzzzz~

Hah~I said I would write something good this time...must fulfill~Nothing much but...nice one.Yesterday,had 4 hours break coz MAF tutorial cancelled,went to Monkey's place haha*hope she doesn't read this*and force her to put in many many sad songs for me...haha,emo-ing la,wat else?Then Jia Yit keep finding happy songs for me and scolding Siow Chin for introducing me sad songs...hahaha~like I know what the songs means,duh!Thanks both of you for making me delete most of my songs from my MP4 to put in new songs!Deleted some Jay Chou's old album..huhu T__T but..these new songs very 'lam' thanks a lots!^^Okay skip this part...

12.30pm,hungry ler me, wanna eat that cheesy wedges!Went Jusco lo...*skip this part*...Having MIS lecture at 2 duh! Take cab ler,malas to walk la...Ah, got taxi there...then this guy came and open the taxi door straight away...I was like...'wat the!'okay~then I heard him asking the driver TAR college?yeah , I should have known better..Tarc students got their own signature face ler...*apart from me la,hehe*So..since same destination,we go together lo~Then I ask him whether he like to stop at back gate or front,he said he had no problem with since DKB o...back gate lor....shuang need walk so far ler.Arrived finally...RM 3.40 ar?how to kira wor?I calculate ler...haish 90sumething cents for 1?aiks headache! Dun wan calculate.."how muc ler?"I asked...He smile and say..."it's problem"..wat u mean no problem?U have problem calculating too?no..that not what he meant,he say no need pay lo...Wah...really bo?Then I say.."No,wait..." But this gentleman ar..he say no need wor...U sure?He say Yea... and just continue walking ....My friends and I exchange glances...We were all spellbound .Eh,still got so nice people in this world?My friends also don't believe...yalar...wer can believe people so easily now er?Suan...this guy..memang good least he left good impression la,so I'm keeping this good impression. I remember he was wearing a yellow shirt,a black bag...but..his feature was a common clean-cut guy,with glasses.Hmm~not sure if we'll meet him again..or if I would recognise him least,we know he's a Tarcian ...thats all about this stranger...God bless him please =]

Went to lecture ler...sit behind lor...MIS so boring...Aiks...finished around 4pm.God loves me..raining jor...didn't bring umbrella..Lucky Jia Yit lease to me ,FOC...but..jia guo..oso get wet coz not enough energy to open the stubborn umbrella,the bus came just run there 'LUCKY'this people ar..go up bus only take time to find money.LOL~what to do..stand outside lor..enjoy showers of blessing~and the CONCLUSION...sick jor ~Ahhhhhhhhh~~~ah ChEeee!

Okay ...that is for 3rd week...and seriously,I am burning out.Subjects this sem are going to be dead tough and sadly...I know...I won't be able to do it..I know..I just know it. I'm on my own now.Growing up is a pain.Despite,assignments overflooding soon, me..wanting so much to watch The Last Vampire,and of course 17 Again...another must watch movie!And...of course...FA assignment,a 'Must do' priority. Another ..Tax,'Must understand' subject.Law,a 'Must memorise' sections.DUH! DUH!Urm ,okay mom...don't worry...I'm gonna take my panadol soluble and I'm gonna recover soon enough*she just called from Ipoh*.And before I start doodling my 5cm-thick textbook,let me listen to one last song~singing"Everybody!Put up your hands say I don't wanna study law,I don't wanna study law!"*to the tune of Good Charlotte-Say I don't wanna be in love.

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