Monday, June 1, 2009

Stepping forward...

I'm finally done with my first dreadful week.Not so bad ler...Business Law is what I expected it to be,definitely an alien language,definitely a killer subject.Basic Tax was no better,though the lecturer was a sweet one...I find it rather confusing ...and I'm wondering if anyone else is as blur as me.Anyone? I guess it's just me. I'm feeling so hopeless,moody. And this confusions isn't doing me any good. My temper got worse lately.Ugh! Big Time! Sorry ..if anyone out there became my prey last week and these few days...especially this guy,again...I'm very sorry.*he never will read my blog though*.But having ur butterfly clip pulled out from ur hair especially when you require a good 15 minutes to put in on was really...ugh! You know what I mean..If I'm lucky,5 minutes will hair..don't touch! And there the other one...ugh!why ?why !on earth would you asked me questions you know I can't answer?!!? So..I'm not in the mood to answer your *somakingpeopleblush* questions. Maybe other time...I'll probably come up with better answers to make you stop asking.*ergh!!regretted not punching you*

Yesterday,was on Basic Tax lecture and our sweet lecturer definitely tried her very best to explain things..sections and yeah...duno wat Para28..wateva!And then students started to flood her with questions during break time.Poor lecturer...our minds went too far*as she said*and made ourselves confuse by thinking too much.Haha.I didn't...In fact,I had no idea what the whole thing is all about!What's up with the so many sections thingy?!And who cares how many days we stay in the country?And..and...why more than ..less than 182 days?!OMG!who on earth set this rules for me to remember?Haha...maybe my mind was the slowest in the hall..not working,*severe brain damage,maybe*Everyone else was asking question I don't understand what they don't understand...what is wrong with me?!Owh...I'm doomed~

And...yeah...I probably have less time to blog now...maybe this is the last..for now...I don't know. Entering Business Law on 9.30...Bell,open ur eyes! God...I pray..pray for a strong tutor to lead us this blind road... I'm hanging on now...but I don't know how long...

Got to get my butt outta here now,it's frezzing cold in this library. I'll hope to crap better stories the next time I write...for now..bear with my frustrating stupid tales.
P.S:Don't miss me!=]

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