Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spell it out for me.

Blahs. Why did I went into this in the first place. Fate? God ,if you can tell me that this is what you've plan for me, I would believe in you and try my best to hold on. But,my foolish insecurities are making someone suffer. I truly doesn't want this to happen. But in the same way,I hate to ignore it because I believe,we should address the problem as soon as possible so it doesn't pile up and become as high as the sky-scappers and then only to call it quits when it is oh well ..too late. By then ,we will be crushed to the max,and little possibilities to stand up again. Am I thinking too much again? Why isn't not a give and take? It supposed to be right? If you can wait and see me learning to open my heart.

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