Sunday, April 18, 2010

When it ends.

My friend just broke up. I can't help but feeling rather,um,yuck. Thisngs tend to happen right. I didn't know the whole story but, the guy cheated. That is how it ends. I didn't know if they can find ways to patch it back ever again, but if ..i mean *if...any party starts to cheat,he/she will have a hard time gaining the partner's trust again. OR maybe never.
I can't help wondering why,GOD don't just create us humans who only have space enough for 1 special person? Wouldn't it be better? Then I'll fall in love without the stupid insecurity in my heart?
And now look what happen? I bet she is crying her eyes out now for one useless guy who can't stick to his promises. Friend, good luck.Just don't give up yet. Like I said,you deserve better!

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