Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yea...learnt some lame thing today.^^

I finally learned some lame thing today. It is lame , I know, but as I'm no computer savvy...I am really happy that I learnt it today from a good friend of mine. Teng Fung!! Thanks for being patient enough to teach me step by step.hehe..yalar belanja u lar...LOL...
I thought posting an image was just having to press that 'printscreen' button and paste it..but I just can't and started to get frustrated. However, with a will to achieve..haha, I managed to get a very useful knowledge today.Laugh all you might...yea,I'm not good at everything.

So, this is it! Tadah~~I learnt to paint. That is an image of my restaurant,"De'Beers" in facebook, and my nine workers...who are very very hardworking because the boss feeds them every single day,365days a year, with an exception,they will have off day when the boss is having examinations .^^

Welcome to De'Beers!

And this image down there was a 'proof' that TF made...I told him to upload it..haha.for testing purpose..but i don't think it can be seen clearly...The examination release date for us, 2nd year Business students is 8th of March 2010!

....okay that is all for today.I love to learn new things. I have hunger for knowledge. Is it good or bad??haha,you judge.

My stomach is making lots of noises already...........herm..fried rice anyone?

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