Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He said...

He said that he will lead me all the way,
that everything will be okay
because he will be here every single day.

He said, I can call him whenever I needed him,
he will watch every step I take ,
and catch me whenever I fall.

Years passed by,
And I wanted to fly,
I feel that I need him less,
I told him to let me go.

But I do fall off sometimes,
and he is still there...
offering his hand to mine,
with a smile that will light up the gloomiest day.

But,I still doubt.
doubted that he loves me,
he never say that to me.
how will I know?

It's alright ...
I never told him that either.
But did he know?

I send a short message to him this morning.
I said, Happy Birthday! Have a nice day!
maybe he will know?hehe~
Happy Birthday Daddy!

Look! It's my DAD!
I wanted to find the most handsome picture of him. But this was the first I saw...and it turns out that I don't have to find anymore. Maybe he is handsome after all..isn't he?

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