Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It all happened too suddenly. Glad everything returned to normal. 14th February was not is the 15th,16th, on..but everything is fine now.I hope you are okay too. Really. Who's fault was that. I don't want to know anymore,it isn't important now. Misunderstandings I hope it was. I don't was my partly..overall? Hurm~
I'm really not good at this, will not be..anytime soon. Selfish me...I was...and I'm still am..I may lose someone dear to me, due to my own fault. I have no courage to do this. I have so much things to do, so much much to think. I may lose someone I care so dearly,I may bleed inside like hell..but I don't even have the courage to cry...that is how imperfect I was. Imperfect!
I don't always have my way all the time.Mostly,actually...I am frustrated when I can't have things my way. And to have things my way,of course I have to be someone capable of standing on my own. I don't wanna lose now. Some people around me do not really understand why I take life too seriously.Maybe...they were mostly born with 'silver spoon'. I'm not that lucky, like others..I have to work extra hard to achieve what I want.
Things are so unstable lately.I afraid,of losing something when I got something else. Why is it so hard? Sometime I even wake up from my sleep and wonder why am I here. Sometimes,I'm sick of people's expectations around me. Sick of everything. So bothered that I forgotten what I want in the 1st place. Sometimes,I'm afraid of letting people down. Give me a break people.

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