Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm better at playing peek-a-boo!

stealing the pao.haha~

Oops! I did it again...started to abandone my blog...sorry to whoever out there who checked out my blog and find the same old boring apology~fortunately,I am back ..and yes with something to write...

Exams were over a week or so...was feeling off with an "exam fever" but felt so much better now! Strange but true...I don't really fancied,not long ones...2 weeks is more than enough. I tend to feel too lazy to do anything adn tend to think too'what was I living for?'...Like I said...I will fall to a lazy mode and find life boring...

But,one day after the last paper,albeit feeling super exhausted from the exams,my family decided to go up Genting.Went up there about 11.30am, and checked in about 1. Glad my siblings and I decided not to spend our time in the theme park*got bored with the things there already*and I think I would throw up if I go up the 'space shot'!.Instead we walk around the big shopping heaven,mom and dad went to shop for shoes while I just walk around blurring..half -sleeping.Then about 5pm dad sugested we take the bus to a temple 2 to 3km away,if I'm not mistaken,it's called Chin Swee Temple. Boy,I wished the trip was longer coz I almost doze-off in that 15 minutes ride. But,no regrets,the air was cooling there. We walked around,and then it started to drizzle a little bit. We did not get the chance to check out the whole place but the place was beautiful and peace. Went back to First World and had our dinner.Glad I was already able to eat!^^
After dinner ,walk around again...before calling it a day. Hate to take bath coz it was cold and it is almost not necessary to bath but have to..hmm~Got to bed almost immediately,passing the whole day almost without knowing what was going on*still on a blur mode*Unfortunately,I did not get a good night sleep,I always don't especially in foreign places. I kept waking up ,wondering where I was!

Rest of the weeks were fine...bored!And finally Saturday,went to cousins' place,force him to let me play 'left4dead' and check out some of his animes.Sunday,went down Seremban to visit my granma. She made 'paos' for us...and I can't stop wondering how she is going to continue living in that old flat with mosquitos constantly attacking our blood veins! Solute!Brought in a mosquito in our car on the way home despite rushing in the car and shutting the door as fast as lightning. And ended up dying in my hands,with my blood of course!

And oh! Yesterday,Tuesday was the best day of my holidays till now. Went shopping in Sunway Pyramid...Ooh~which girl on earth wouldn't love that! Need a dress for my cousin brother's wedding that is around the corner so thats a good excuse for shopping ryte?Instead..yeah,end up with other clothes as well...gonna feel guilty till next month~~But,duh!how good it felt! How often I get to do this?!And, and Guess what?!! If anyone of you been following this reality program 'One In A Million',you should know Esther from Sabah. We met her there! At first we just watched her passed by,not sure if it was her,and then when we sat down to rest,again she walked,my mom was like 'hello ,Esther!'And we shoke hands with her..SWEET!^^Dazzling!

Oh..I love Sunway Pyramid ,it was 9pm so soon and I told my sis that we have yet stroll the whole shopping centre! It was so huge and there are so many things to see and shop! I wish I had more cash..but..fact is I don't!!Nevermind...I shopped within my budget..and I think it's enough ...My dad commented,"I can see you look happy today~" haha~~why shouldn't I be?Give me more $$ and I'l be happier !LOLxxx~

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