Monday, May 25, 2009

The next 14 weeks...

Today,I be going back to college after almost a decade having holidays.Holidays this time aren't that bad coz despite the recession,I have been spending more than I thought.Of course..I'm under control...I'm buying now coz I know the next 14 weeks would be a great mental and physical torture and I am doing it to store as much endorphins and other good feeling hormones in my system.But I know I'm gonna use it up in just on week...yeah one week or two is enough to drain me. Yes..I am that weak..or lazy perhaps.

But when college starts ..I would probably think twice before buying. It's hard..I think I should start to hate this one word that is almost everywhere=SALE!. I hate SALEs!!!NO ,second thought it's damn hard to hate this word...yesterday was my last day to shop and I only bought a few things...that is necessary. And spent my time at the car exhibition in Curve,Damansara longer than I should coz my dream car was waiting for me fair as always ...I peered into the wanted to test drive..Ergh!And there was other cars too...but not so interested...

And so,the next 14 weeks...having 6 subjects..have no idea how deadly it is this time...but my Sis warned.."This 6 subjects are tough"yeah I know... what to feel?And when the day after tommorow comes...I feel like puking already ...results...I should have got use to that ryte?Nope,not at all!

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