Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Long Lost ~


As the music plays,
My pearls starts falling,
Like river flows,
With no curfews,
No conclusion,
Because everything is in dead silence,
Come on…its not like we’re dead,
Pour it out before it is too late…
The deadly weapon,
Slitting through my skin,
In a minute or two,
There will be no more pain,
I know you think its lame,
But its definately not plain…
What do you wish to see,
When you wake up next morning,
the pitch dark parade,
Or the bright sun shades,
Its your heartless words,
Not the blade,
Which pierced through my heart,
And made it sink down the seabed…
Its everything in my head now,
There is no use turning back,
Because its too late,
Farewell…let us just bade…
Got nothing to do....
browse throuhg my friendster profile and realize how dead it had been...
browse through my dumb blog in there and wanted to delete it...
but second though,I might just leave it that way...some things can't be erase just pressing the "delete"button...
took out this poem form my old blog...
written it when I was.."duno what I was thinking"
enjoy it...if u can~

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