Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm back, journal.

DAC 4 will be the best!

Yieh Yieh and me...^^

Throw up high,reach for the sky!

JY Loong. I miss your Avanza.=)

So yeah, thats some of the Graduation pictures.
I came back. I knew I would. I did had the thought of abandoning this blog. But, fact is, I need it. Times like this make me think more, more to crap about everything. I have graduated. * Hooray...I actually graduated!!!Hurm... Advanced is tough. And it's not a piece of cake. It's really a hard nut to crack. But I'm still breathing. I don't vomit that often anymore, Exams phobia is already in control althought I did felt my head spinning just before my English paper. And yeah Tax. Ergh......I.....like tax, Just that, there is too much..just tooo much to remember. Damn, thinking back, I think I screwed up the paper. Did I...I don't know really. I can't figure out what I was doing...I just kept on writing and to finish the paper was my main objective. So, I pray I'll pass. I have to pass, or else..my scholarship will just go down the drain, my effort in Diploma will just be flushed down the toilet bowl. Life is really kicking in now, and I can see the bright skies now, and for some reason the rain don't bother me that much now. ...I'm really glad. Most of all, somehow I still miss DAC 4 really bad. We had somehow became like a close family and after 2 years we have to separate. I had a really hard time coping you know. Anyway, found new friends this sem, and it's not all that bad. Time will definitely make another new bonding. We'll never know. I'm loving this life already. Cheers~=)

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