Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Maybe I miss you.

It's probably the 2nd time in a month, I dreamt. About you and I. The weirdest thing was, in the dream, I will run towards you and give you a hug. Having my both arms around you made me want to cry. It's the warmth that I longed for. Or maybe... I miss you. But why, you? Since we graduated from high school,I only met you occasionally. Charming like always, with tones of friends. Thats what you are. You are one amazing person ever entered my life. I remember we talked about our lives. You had amazing dreams, and you managed to change something bad to something we looked forward. As I talked about mine, I cried. And it was your shoulder I cried on. I remembered it well. I felt I was the luckiest person on earth having someone to talked and hug. I don't know how, you just have that amazing aura in you. I was constantly inspired by you. Somehow, things changed. I don't agree with you at times, but being a close friend to you, I chose to support you all the way. And the dream I had, it's a proof that I still care about you. I wanna tell you that certain decisions that u make sometimes are really haste decisions. I worried that it might hurt you back later in life. I really hope that you know that you deserve better and make right decisions. You have so many friends,you might have forgotten about me, but I know I miss you. But, rest assured. You won't get to know about this, because isn't it too awkward to ask you..., ' Do you ever miss me too?'

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