Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another step forward...

Meet Juliet.;)

There Juliet's first picture. Unfortunaly,Romeo ran away before I was able to keep memories of him.Oh,guy! Hope you are still having a great time out there. I knew he doesn't like Juliet and me..=( it's okay,I still have Juliet,and I'm gonna get a friend for her soon. And I'm going to change her name as well. I promised~^^*thanks Miow for the suggestions*. I'm happy she eats a lot, very active. In fact, she is better at socialising than Romeo.haha.

I am supposed to get started with my Tamadun Islam .I'm stuck at Kuliah 5. Duh,there is a test tomorrow. But I can't help it,I have a private moment with my pc now and all I wanna do is blog. So,this is it!
It was just like yesterday when I 1st entered college to start my diploma. It was just like yesterday,when I felt like a total loser, living everyday with uttermost regrets. It was just like yesterday...I lost my pink stuffs. It was just like yesterday, when I felt like I was against the world. It's almost 2 years had pass me by...I was grateful to have went through lots of things. Some impossible ones. I remembered how I have swore to myself to pass through this difficult path, to keep on going, to keep on studying,to secure a better life.

Life is much better now. I'm having some of the best people around. I am thankful,and grateful. I'm a fool to have not seen that earlier. I really can't imagine live without these people who constantly get you mad,crazier, make the ultimate jokes .Life is not all about 'myself' or 'ourselves'. I am nobody without them.

So here I am again,about to make another BIG STEP FORWARD. I'm going to graduate soon. And I'm going to continue my Advance Diploma. Thing is..there are different routes which most of us have to take. AFA or AAC. Thats what most of us are thinking right now. AAC may be a safer route to take. AFA is a bit tougher. AFA require us to sit for college exams as well as external papers at one go. Superb. If I'm going to take that route,I have to well..triple my efforts, cut down blogging, cut down tvs,cut down fb...oh god. for the sake of passing this . My sis,I can say she did fairly well in her external papers. And I tried my best to bear with her tensions. Stress weh. I know. So, I am still considering. 80% of me is deciding to go for AFA but I do doubt myself . My abilities to take stress. But still I wanted it. Have to be mentally prepared for the ultimate extreme stress. Have to make up my mind by 17th of April 2010. 2 years.... Can I take it??...

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