Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I don't mean to whine....but...

If you wanna know, I have just celebrated my 2010 New Year.
I have just done my killing. Yes,killing my 6 papers that doesn't seem to entice me at all since the very first week. But,I finally tried my best to understand them,really..not love at first sight. Like the malay proverb,"tak kenal,maka tak cinta." You will never ever love one thing until you get to know them. Like very other semester I made a promise to myself to start earlier...but things will never go my way all the time.
Dah,tadah..bla bla...whatever it's over ryte??.I deserved to chill. So, chill. To be honest, I'm worried about MA a lot...theory part like the chinese say "chui sui"...means BS la...I done it a lot of times..this time no exception. Dear markers, please be lenient. I hope. *my wishful thinking* Same goes to PA..I never loved it . Sorry Ms Jessie. And FAP too...
Darn it!...lets not talk about about now. I have so much to much..but seemed to have throw it in the recycle bin right after exams. Nevermind,give me a minute. Oh yeah, New Year.Let's just talk about the new year. 2010,I went to Curve for the countdown. I love Bukit Bintang a lot but my mom was hesitant to go there. First,it's the jam, second will be the drowsy kids there.Yeah, so...Curve,Damansara was the final choice. The concert there was better than previous year in 2008 *2009 I went Sg Wang* The kids there are more decent ,except for some guys..trying to get too near..beware...!! But..the crowd there was amazing. I losed my parents minutes before 2010 i was busy searching for them,I was pushed back into Ikea, and decided the best way was to just stay in there...and ended up 'listening' to the fireworks instead. great.wat a new year to begin with....It's okay,something different at least.
Thinking back, Itried to summarize the whole 2009. What I've learned,what I've achieved,who I've met....and most important of it had all changed me. I have changed,slightly i guess. For better or worst,I don't dare to say. Good thing is, I find smiling easier. The bad thing is, I am worried that I might take everything too easy till I forget what is my main aim in life. Yes, I am a human too,I tend to have to much fun at times. But, best year so far..2009.Too much happenings, too much. Almost too much for me to take at times. Things happen for reasons...and I guessed I've learned so much, I feel glad.
Happenings like,friends hooking up*in a good way*,outings ,normal jokes and other lame stuffs are some of great moments. While...yea, some do fall out of love...conflicts, tests...are some of erm not so good lar. Well well, it is still the best year out of my 19th years of living on this earth. However, things would not be so much better if these important people weren't in my life. You should know who you guys are. *Ask me if you must*
I wish the best for every single person on earth,those suffering from natural disasters, I really send my condolences. I hope everything will cure as time passes...rebuilt and continue to be strong to faced whatever that might happen. I hope it is not too late to wish every single friends to have a better yaer ahead in 2010 and all the best in achieving good results that will possibly be out in a month's time. I also wish, this year I will continue to learn and never stop learning about life. I want to love life. Wao...that is so many wishes...I'm not greedy okay.....just....a little more excited.
Hopefully all my friends and I are able to go to the next round. Yeah, we are going to graduate this May, or June. Hope everything goes well...and continue our respective journey. Give ourselves a chance to have faith in ourselves. For now,I'm living with this,'Never hit the breakes!' Even if you have to, make it worthwhile . Last but not least, an early wishing towards a "Prosperous Chinese New Year!

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