Monday, December 14, 2009

Meteor!-13th Dec 2009

Okay..yeah....a time to blog! Duih.What a Sem! Finally...I'm here again..with things to say again...
My first impression on something I've read last Friday on the Star newspaper was..."arh..watevala...won't come out one la...sai hei!" but..then again...I really wanna see it...
I excitedly told my dad about this....and yeah decided that I have to make an effort to see it if I really want to. So,on Sunday night...9pm, I went out to take a look at the bright...impossible to see it..went some tutorials...10pm. Don't want to look dumb alone sitting in front of the gate, I "ajak" my brother to become dumbos together.*since he so free*. He said we really looked dumb lo...okaylo..then I suggested him to take out the green peas..and sambil wait sambil enjoy the peas lo...*ticktockticktock*..half an hour bro said if we finished the peas, and not a single meteor showed up..we call it a day...he even throw up the peas in the air and told me to make a wish!*LAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~

*ticktockticktock!arh....I started to get really restless..*not mentioning feeling rather dumb*I said to myself..11pm...meteor don't show up..I'm going off..and you will never see me again..haha~~Then...I decided to just step outside my gate...look up..yeah..aeroplane ..duh! stars...and out of a sudden!! Meteor!!yeah.I actually saw a meteor! Bro saw it too!First time..and yeah we made a huuuhaaaa outside! and dad thought we went nuts~~It was 10.48pm. A friend of mine message me a minute later-"u saw that??* I said "Oh Yeah!" In this way..I knew it was not a crazy illusion of mine..I really saw it! OOOppppSss!!How could I forget!! I did not say my wish properly..just mumbles...I don't even remember what! GOSH! It was a fast one...did it pay off?Oh yeah~^^

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