Friday, November 20, 2009


It's already the end of week 7 of this semester. As usual, I'll be busy-ing with my flooding assignments and it never fails to make me feel like drowning. I'm so stress now. Keeping up with these are not easy, never easy for me. I sometimes feel useless when I don't understadn what FAP tutor is bla bla-ing in front. He looks at me, I look at him...I felt sorry for myself.He is such a good tutor..having a bad student. Coursework 1 spells hopelessness! I hate FAP! I hate accounts! but why i study this subject? I don't know ler...haiz!

PA assignment finally done. CLG is driving me mad! SO many things to read, so many things to write. Not sure whats going in...whatever. I just need to pour out here or else...I be kicking in my frustration! Thank God I had this blog! Sorry guys, bear with my grumpy-ness these days! And these rainy, gloomy days isn't going to help~I'm going to continue my CLG assignment now.Wish everyone luck staying up late to finish these stuffs! Got CLG replacement tomorrow and GOD! It's another Saturday already! I have been dreaming a lot!! NITEZ~=(

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